Sizing Chart

How to find your Jean/shorts sizing
• Lay the jeans flat & measure straight across the waist take the # you get & multiply by 2 ( example 13x2=26” )
• To find the hip measurements, place the tape measure straight across the shorts/pants, right below the fly
• To find the rise measurement, place the tape measure at the crotch and measure to the top of the shorts/jeans. This measurement tells you how high the shorts will fit on your torso. (All of our jeans/shorts are high waisted unless otherwise posted. This means they will fit higher on the torso.) 

More Helping with sizing
A 29’/30’ fits a size 0/1 in women’s
A 32’ fits a size 3/4 in women’s
A 36’ fits a size 7/8 in women’s
A 38’ fits a size 10/12 in women’s
A 40’ fits a size 12/14 in womens

I carry up to size 44

Here’s a good estimate to help but they do fit everyone different cause they are men’s it’s kinda something you just have to try a size