Welcome to Copenlane Co. If you don’t know me I’m Madison && I’m obsessed with clothes ( like it’s bad ) from having closet clean outs on my insta I decided it’s time to make it fun !! Copenlane Co is a place to shop cute items. For the past couple months I have been searching for items from all over that I knew I needed in my wardrobe but honestly I really don’t need it lol, that’s where y’all come in !!! Copenlane Co is a resell page && will be full of all sizes for everyone! After spending hundreds on outfits for photos shoots or a night out I didn’t know if I was the only girl who wanted a cute outfit but didn’t wanna pay $50 for a top, sooo that’s also where the idea come from !!! Basically welcome to Copenlane a more fancy Poshmark! lol